mental health · poetry


I gaze out the office window and rub my tired eyes,

Wrap my hands around my coffee mug and let out one great sigh.

Another day has come, another day has dawned,

Time to keep up appearances, just smile and get on.

Appears my destiny is typing these words over and over again,

Picking up the telephone and pretending I am sane.

Dreams are not made of this ‘soul destroying’ they say,

Surely my life is made for more than this I hope, I pray.

A break in my day a chance to get out,

As these walls that surround me suffocate me with doubt.

I wander around these streets I have known for years,

They know all my secrets even my fears.

Time flies by and eventually I return,

To these walls that surround me making my heart burn.

For another life out there which I hope one day will be mine,

If only I knew where my life was going, if only I had a sign.

But for now the day has ended and I’m home once more and drained.

Ready to go to sleep, wake up, and start all of this again.

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