depression · mental health · poetry

The Mess

Come back I plea I cry!
I fear I’ve lost a grasp of who I am.
With your presence near me so strong and bold,
I find myself upon the rubble of mess which is my mind.
No sense is made, no conclusions bought.
Don’t you see I am lost?
Wondering aimlessly the paths of no thoughts.
Questioning everything, but not patient enough to listen for the answer.
Like a child who first discovers the world is not such a kind place,
I feel like I’m discovering everything anew again.
Guide me, teach me…
To know how to sing that tune, the one that I forgot,
the one that makes me whole.
I fear I shall loose myself again as there is a hole in my heart,
I’m trying to fill it.
I know I’m looking, searching in all the wrong places.
But the world tricked my mind, it whispers in my ear and my heart is exhausted from my mindless decisions.
May I stop arguing ignorance, and just admit it.
My heart is a little bit broken.

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