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Sweet Memory

Maybe you were only ever a fairytale to me.
I fell in love with love, which I found in you.
When I look at you now I feel my heart twisting,
as it stirs to find the love that was once shared.
But it’s fading in you.
Every time I see you I’m a little lighter,
as the weight of loving you lifts off me.
I feel like I may finally be free to love again.
Like the rose tinted glasses have been removed,
and I see you for what you are.
Just a boy.
I was so proud to love you once, to call you mine.
Now I don’t even know who you are.
If we pass again it’ll be as strangers.
As if we’d never kissed, as if we’d never made love.
Just two strangers, who have no idea who the other person is.
Goodbye sweet memory.

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