Better now?

So you have heard the reviews yet still you come…
Ok what would you like? We have most abilities to please your needs, is it understanding you’re after? No maybe a pinch of advice? If you want to be told straight we can arrange that too, if you are after love we have heaps of that and don’t worry ‘use and abuse’ it’s a motto here we are so familiar with the feeling it has become a phrase!
Opinions? Oh dish them out we will never ask but how we delight in unwanted and unneeded opinions! Go on we love a good sprinkling to add to our list of things that didn’t need to be said!
Would it help if I became more pathetic? Or does seeing me so offend your eyes? Does hearing my pain offend your ears?
I do apologise I know you don’t want to hear or see such things how silly of me to exist, how inconvenient I am of your needs, sorry my mask fell off I will put it back on.
Better now?

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Two Feet

On these two feet I stand alone, for us mere mortals have no throne.
On these two feet I live my life, my mortal life I choose to sacrifice.
On these two feet I search for home, ignoring that aching feeling which makes my heart moan.
On these two feet I make my step, leaving behind those I love of whom may have left.
On these two feet I bare such weight, I just keep on walking and accept my fate.
One these two feet I walk in hope, without it my aching feet could not cope.
On these two feet I stand alone, for us mere mortals have no throne.

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Bad Days

I claw, I grab, I pull, and I drag,

I tug, I rip, I climb, and I trip.

Screaming, crying, dying, wailing

Heavy, heartbroken, forever failing

Punching, fighting, kicking, fleeing

Weeping, lying, and always disagreeing.

Hoping, praying, begging, pleading,

Frustrated, drained, and sometimes bleeding.

Starved, exhausted, lonely and broken

Quiet, empty, words left unspoken

Then silence.

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People Pleasing

I’m a sponge drop me in and soak me up,

Then squeeze with all, your might!

I will not struggle I shall not moan,

Won’t even put up a fight.

Pick me up again and again, use me as you will,

Once I’m drained just drown me again and see what’s left to fill.

Until eventually I’m all dried up, nothing left to give,

Leave me on the shelf forgotten, having lost my chance to live.

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Prison Cell

It hurts so much this heaviness inside,

Though I try to conceal it, it’s too powerful to disguise.

It builds up the pressure which I know at some point will blow,

Yet I try and I try to let this pressure go.

Left in this prison I created, even threw away my own key,

Have forgotten how to get out, have forgotten feeling free.

Though love and help surrounds me on which I depend,

This guilt builds up inside me that my misery too they might befriend.

Then alone I shall not be in this prison cell,

As even those I love I would have dragged down in my own hell.