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Man up Man Down

When I started reading about this I got SO excited, I have mentioned previously in my blog the importance and sometimes the neglect that is involved in men’s mental health due to stigma or possibly more of a difficulty to come forward. So discovering due to a chance meeting of tow young Bristol campaigners has led to the creation of a new men’s mental health support community is fantastic!

The founders of this community are Kate Mabbett and James Willetts, who were inspired to set up the site after they both  experienced first-hand the effects of men’s mental health problems.

The website they have created is really interactive encouraging men to speak by sharing their stories and experiences, it also includes podcasts and further advice and contacts.

Kate states, “We want to break down the barrier of men feeling that they can’t talk about their emotional health – we believe that there are certain aspects of our society that hold men back from talking about emotions and we think the first step is talking and we’d like to create a community for men to talk about their mental health,”

Check out their website and learn more about this campaign at Man Up Man Down

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