mental health · poetry

Tormented Soul

Who let you out, my tormented soul?

You were supposed to stay deep down below.

Won’t show the face which makes loved ones weep,

Can’t let you out, your pain is yours alone to keep.

How can you climb up these towering walls?

I built them up so high that they might never fall.

Even without the silence I can hear your malicious steps,

Getting closer and closer behind me, making each day more complex.

Why do you want to starve me of all meaning, why can’t I make you drown?

I’ve tried so hard to keep it together why come again for me now?

I don’t know where you came from, I don’t know how to make you go,

My only wish is to send you back into the darkness down deep below.

I know why you are coming for me, I know your monstrous goal,

I beg of you please release me my poor tormented soul.

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